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What Snack Food was Legally Barred from Calling its Product Chips?

by Sana Imran

Snack consumption is favourite for the people of all ages with little hunger. But in order to call some snacks as chips, it should meet some specific requirements. Chips requirements are specially provided and approved by different snack producers. Therefore, every snack food couldn’t be called “Chips” just due to its shape or size. So, it seems like an interesting question for the food industry. If someone asks you what snack food was legally barred from calling its product “Chips”? Make sure to get the details about the ingredients and the procedure to answer in a reliable way. 

Answer of this question is quite interesting because the brand is the most favourite for almost all snack lovers. The savory, crispy and delicious Pringles have made people addicted to their products. We think Pringles are the perfect description of chips but no, they’re just crisps. 

What Snack Food was Legally Barred from Calling its Product Chips?

Pringles is a brand known and loved in the world. People love their sturdy containers that make them different from other snacks. Furthermore, its slim chips and crispy sound is loveable just like its taste. But the shocking thing is, the most famous Pringles do not use potatoes. So, they shouldn’t be called Chips because chips are made up of potatoes. Pringles are dehydrated processed potatoes that are manufactured with wheat, rice and corn. 

In 1975, the Federal government of the United States reviewed the matter and declared that the company should call pringles chips if they’re using dried potatoes. 

Therefore, the brand had to give them the name Crisps. Company is honored to manufacture the product in a different way to give people a new taste with innovative design and unique packaging. Furthermore, people still love Pringles crisps even after knowing that they’re not potato chips.

After the complete investigation of the Federal government in 1975, Pringles had to make changes in their packaging. Furthermore, they had to mention on their packaging that they do not use original potatoes to declare the truth to their customers. 

Signature Curve of the Snack Food that was Legally Barred from Calling its Product Chips

Signature of any product is the measurement of overall fitness of the product. Signature curve of Pringles is quite engaging. It completely fits up to the needs of people therefore the product is quite attractive for all. Unlike other snacks product companies, the administrative process of Pringles is quite impressive and difficult. This process helps them in the achievement of a perfect curve. 

Pringles contain different ingredients, i.e. wheat, corn and potato flakes to make a complete mixer. Furthermore, the different shape of the mixer with a texture is also attractive and the achievement of the brand to make their product different from the snack companies around the world. 

Pringles do not need any exceptional marketing effort because due to its quality product crispy chips and slim shape it has a special place in the mind of their targeted customers.

Last but not the least, Pringles packaging plays an important role in making a classy appearance. Such a classy appearance is stuck in the mind of customers. Pringles packaging cans are secure and reusable for some home purpose. That was the complete story behind what snack was legally barred from calling its products chips. 

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