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What is Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)?

by Sana Imran

In the United States, more than 480 million products are sold by different brands. Every seller strives hard to stand out for their products on the digital shelf. Brands want to get their product recognize on the Amazon shelf. Here Amazon’s marketing service is the best approach for brands to manage their advertisements. Yes, Amazon allows the brands to manage the search results through an advertisement.

What is Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)?

You might have been heard the questions by fresh advertisers that what are amazon marketing services? So, here we’ll answer the question in the most convenient way. Amazon marketing services is an online self-service platform for advertisers. This platform helps you to advertise target-based advertisement campaigns. AMS is a solution provided by amazon for keyword-targeted advertisements promotions. 

AMS is the platform available for Amazon brand vendors. Platform offers the capacity to the tailor that helps in targeted advertisements that may easily be viewed to the customers so, they’ll notice your advertisement.


Amazon marketing services (AMS) also help you in keyword research and finding related products according to your audience’s interests. It also helps the brands to give a boost to their product demand. Amazon marketing services (AMS) is a free service for brands/vendors. You only have to pay for the clicked advertisements.

Amazon Marketing Services: Pay for the Placements

Amazon product search engine is something that rewards clicks and sales to the brands with good ranking factors. It is quite difficult for new sellers to get their products on good rankings on Amazon search result pages. AMS helps to give a boost to your product by improving its discoverability on Amazon.

Your Advertisement Your Choice to View

Amazon allows you to make the selection where actually your advertisement should be placed and viewed. Whether you want your advertisement to be appeared in a sponsored post, product display advertisement, or search Ad headline.

According to the nature of your advertisement campaign, you can choose the device for your ads. Your ads could have appeared on laptops, smartphones tablets, and different sites (Other than amazon).

Just Pay for the Results

AMS is the smart platform offered by Amazon. You only have to pay for the advertisement, if someone clicked your ad. Such services give a better marketing experience to the brands because they can manage the expenses easily. Amazon marketing platform allows the brands to analyze their campaign and its functionalities deeply for effective results.

Product Detail Content

Amazon marketing services and your powerful product detail gives excellent outcomes. If you have got a high-quality product and you’re using AMS for your marketing campaigns with impressive product details. Your products will be loved by the buyers on the Amazon platform.

Consistently manage your product and stay responsive on Amazon to get in touch with your buyer. Amazon is a complete platform for you with AMS. It gives you all essentials that encourage your buyers to hit the buy button.

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