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What are Important Phone Interview Tips?

by Sana Imran

Nowadays telephonic interview is the most convenient approach to find the right candidate. Telephonic interview is an outstanding screening process. Such a screening process will improve the entire hiring process.

Importance of Phone Interview

Telephonic interviews are great to evaluate the perfect candidate for the position. It is also called candidate pre-screening. Through a phone interview, you may easily evaluate the candidate whether they possess the right skills or not.

In the phone call of few minutes, the applicant’s quick interview can be placed. You’ll be able to know whether the applicant meets your core requirements. Furthermore, you may also get to know about the salary demand of the applicant. If the candidate’s personality and requirements successfully meet your standards, you may call the candidate for an interview.

How to Conduct a Good Phone Interview?

Phone interview should be relative but quick. It should not take more than 15 minutes to evaluate if the candidate meets the merit requirements.

Initial stage of an interview is based on an introduction. It includes both introduction of a candidate and the organization by an interviewer. So, call the candidate and introduce them to your company. Also, explain to them about the available position. Now let the candidate introduce themselves and why they’re interested in the available position.


After completing the introduction, you may ask the candidate for questions if they have any. Don’t waste your time asking irrelevant questions. Irrelevant and a lot of questions may cause a lack of understanding. It will be difficult for the candidate to know about business. It also will be difficult for the interviewer to understand the skillset properly.

Telephonic Interview Tips

If you want to conduct the telephonic interview and want best outcomes, here are the tips to follow:

Call Out Side Business Hours

Usually, candidates search for a new job while they’re already doing some job. It is difficult for such candidates to stay available for a phone interview during working hours. So, you may call them after business hours, it will be easier for them to answer your questions briefly.

Check the Facts & Figures

Before, placing the call, make sure to check all facts on the candidate’s resume. If you still found confusion, ask them twice. Ask them in detail to make things clearer.

Listen Carefully

Asking random questions without listening is not a good habit especially for the interviewer. So, you should listen silently, and let the candidate answer your questions precisely. It develops a better understanding.

Use your Calendar

Using your calendar for effective interview scheduling is necessary. Make sure to mark the date and time and send invites accordingly. Proper scheduling will help in reducing the confusion.

Plan Questions Properly

Scripting is something that keep you connected to the relevant topic. You may make a questionnaire to get relevant answers. Write down your questions, it will help you to conduct the interview smoothly.

Humble Talk

Don’t talk loudly over the phone call. While conducting phone interview, stay polite, humble, and slow. It will help in making your visual clarity for the listeners. Otherwise, a loud tone will be difficult to understand.

Try to avoid the things that may leave a negative impact. Phone interview is something crucial to understanding because the next person can’t see your expressions. You have to be very carefull and maintain a positive impact over the phone call.

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