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Best Trump Jokes 2021

by Sana Imran

Since Donald Trump became the president of the United States, we can see various funny jokes that are made on him. Trump jokes have consistently been in vogue. Indeed, even certain people say that Trump basically made the political comedy more alive than it at any point was. Along these lines, read on to have a little giggling by the current year’s best jokes of Donald Trump.

Best Trump Jokes 2021

  1. I’m curious to know what Trump’s wife Melania sees in her Husband?

She might saw as a bucket of money Covid-19 and high cholesterol. 

  1. How can you make Trump agree on changing a light bulb right away?

It is simple, just tell him Obama has installed it. 

Add more laughter to explore funniest Donald Trump Jokes 2021

  1. How much does it cost to keep Donald Trump alive?

One Penny

  1. What condition does Trump take his anti-anxiety medication for?

Hispanic Attacks

  1. How does Donald Trump play darts?

He throws darts and then proceeds to draw the targets around them afterwards.

  1. Why is Trump unable to be hanged for treason?

Fake Noose

  1. Republicans still tend to support Donald Trump. Why the hell is it so?

Perhaps they believe in taking a baby to full term.

  1. What could Trump’s secret agenda most probably be?

To Make the United States Hate again.

  1. When Trump was elected as president, what biggest challenge he most probably could have faced?

Most Probably, discovering a Cabinet Position for his Hairpiece.

  1. Trump mostly appeared on Melania (His Wife), Why not any other wife of his?

She is probably the only one who doesn’t support Joe Biden. 

  1. What is the “Kokomo” song about?

Probably several locations of Trump’s bank accounts. 

  1. What was Trump’s response when he was asked to deal with Hurricane Florence?

“Pay her them same as Stormy Daniels”

  1. What is the difference between a Kidney bean and a Chickpea?

Trump never got paid more for having a Kidney bean on his face. 

So, Trump jokes can play a crucial role in changing your mood and making you smile. We have collected these Trump jokes for you, to change your mood. 

Trump Card

As said earlier, we’ve collected short Trump jokes to lift up your mood. But the Trump card is a long joke we are sharing for you. 

Quite a long time ago, a gathering of researchers was running a trial on the human cerebrum to explore how a human mind would function if a portion of its segments were taken out. They removed half of the mind of the primary subject and afterward requested that he build up to 10. The subject reacted by saying “one, four, eight, ten”. Fascinated by this outcome, the researchers chose to remove the whole mind of the subject. 

In the wake of doing that, they again requested that he build up to 10. The subject answered, “I clearly can consider to ten I’m best at it. Nobody in the entire world can count better compared to me. They spread bogus news when they can’t help contradicting me. 

Individuals can just count a couple of good numbers, yet I can count every one of the numbers. Nobody is superior to me in counting, not even China”.

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