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Raqs e Bismil Last Episode Review

by Sana Imran

Raqs e Bismil was a beautiful series written by Hashim Nadeem and directed by Wajahat Rauf. Brilliant Imran Ashraf, stunning Sara Khan, beautiful Anoushy Abbasi, Gul e Rana, Mehmood Aslam, and outstanding Saleem Mairaj were part of this hit series.

Raqs e Bismil is a romantic drama serial that is trending due to the outclass acting of brilliant actors. While I am writing a review, let me tell you that drama acting was unexpectedly happy. Musa wed Zohra, which makes the audience happier. Reason for happiness was not just Musa’s wedding but also the respectful status of Zohra that actually won the heart of the audience.

Initially, it was not expected that the last episode of the drama will be such engaging and powerful. But it was amazingly engaging and potentially won the heart of viewers. I must say that the last episode of the Raqs e Bismil was complete justice with drama and viewer’s time. Background music was too engaging along an effective camera make the episode highly engaging.


Raqs e Bismil starts with the reply of Zohra to Peer Qudratullah sb. She said yes to him to marry Ahmad. All the ladies were shocked by this reply because they know the reality of Musa and Zohra’s love. Saranga and his friends visited peer sb with the proposal of Musa for Zareen. But peer sb gets angry and asks them to leave immediately. That was the very first-time peer sb thought that Zareen could be Mosa’s Zohra. Because his wife asks him to think about this point.

Musa gets angry at the refusal of the proposal. He went home like a storm ask Zohra by holding her hand. He wanted to take her with him but again Zohara’s reaction and reply shocked the house ladies and viewers. She said that she’ll marry Ahmad according to the wish of Peer sb. Here, by refusing Moosa, Zohra stated that for her the honor and respectful status more worthy than her love.


Peer sb now knows everything about Zohra. She met him and make it clear that she completely agrees with his decision. She will get married to whom Peer sb said, but will not go back to her old life.

Here the character of Peer Qudratullah was very strong and powerful. He seems a stone heart person and could be considered a man of words. Even after knowing about the love and passion of Musa he was stuck to his words. Musa and Zohra’s Nikkah was happened due to the struggle of Allama Sahib and Ahmad.

Nikkah Scene of Musa and Zohra

Most heart-melting scenes were the Nikkah moment of Musa and Zohra. The moment Peer Qudratullah ask Zohra’s approval and when she replies with “yes” was won the heart. Beautifully written powerful scene holds the hearts. Moment when Musa said “Shukar Alhamdulillah Qubool Hai” was the beautiful and powerful moment too.

Shukar Alhamdulillah Qubool Hai

Last episode of Raqs e Bismil was most powerful to grab viewer’s attention. Ending scenes with written and shot beautifully. Audience is going to miss both Musa and Zohra. Sarah Khan and Imran Ashraf have done a marvelous job. Every character of drama has beautifully done their jobs.

Audience was unable to forget “Bhola” yet, and Imran Ashraf gave them another beautiful character to remember. Both Sarah and Imran has proved themselves in Raqs e Bismil.

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