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Legendary Dragon’s and 499 more NFT Eggs Sold Out in No Time!

by Sana Imran

CryptoDragons, the NFT project and the first battle on the blockchain, announced an egg reservation for interested players for November 7th at 12 noon EST to reserve dragon eggs. There were 500 eggs to win as part of this challenge, including 1 legendary egg. 1 epic egg and 498 randomly distributed eggs. The prices were set at 35 ETH, 7 ETH and 0.2 ETH, respectively. 

Just 10 seconds after the competition countdown had ended; All 500 eggs were reserved and therefore purchased. This was a huge milestone for the CryptoDragons project and the entire NFT space in general. 

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That was really shocking. With such a participation, the CryptoDragons NFT project marked a volume of 142 ETH in no more than 10 seconds, setting a new record for the NFT area. Users, because such participation is very encouraging for any creator and it conveys the market’s appreciation for their product. Not only did they reserve valuable NFT eggs for buyers, they also saved themselves from explosive gas wars that would otherwise have been traded at insane prices.

With the nature of the participation, it is clear that everything promised was delivered with no additional minting prices; multiple records were set simultaneously for every 500 eggs sold in less than 10 seconds, perhaps an indication of the degree of possible bear losses from the CryptoDragons NFT- Project. 

There is still hope for those who missed the first pre-order phase as CryptoDragons will announce the next phase through its Discord and Twitter channels. 

More than 9,500 eggs will soon be available for reservation! peeled so as not to lose them!

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