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Khaby Lame Net Worth

by Sana Imran

Name of Khaby Lame isn’t new for the TikTok users. Khaby is the 2nd most followed person on TikTok. His following list has overtaken the Addison Rae. While Charli D’ Amelio is the top followed person on TikTok. She is a dancer and reached over 100 million followers. There is an assumption that Khaby will soon overtake her too.

Why Khaby Lame is Famous?

Khaby Lame is a well-known TikTok star. His WTF?! reaction videos are popular around the globe, these videos are created on life hacks. On YouTube, TikTok, and other social platforms life hack videos are popular to make your life easier. While Khaby creates videos with an entirely different point. According to him, these hacks are pointless. His reaction to such videos is quite funny and entertains the followers. Banana peeling video by Khaby Lame is one of the most popular videos with more than 267 million views. Khaby has followed not only on TikTok but also on Instagram.

Nationality of Khaby Lame

Khaby Lame is a 21 years old boy from Senegal, Italian. He lives in Turin. Which is the capital of Piedmont in northern Italy.

Khaby Lame Early Life

Khaby was born on March 9, 2000, in Italy. As mentioned earlier he is an African-Italian. Khaby hasn’t disclosed any details about his family or parents. He is too reserve about his personal life therefore, we are unable to find any information about Khaby’s education and qualification.

Khaby’s Personal Life

Khaby has earned a lot of fame through his TikTok videos. Being such famous celebrity, it is obvious that from the huge fan following many people wanted to be in a relationship with him. Khaby’s current girlfriend is Zaira Nucci. As live his parent details, Khaby hasn’t revealed any information about Zaira. According to few pictures of a couple on the internet, we can assume that the couple is having a wonderful life together.


Khaby Lame Net Worth

As said earlier, Khaby is the 2nd most followed TikTok star. He also has a lot of flowers on Instagram. Therefore, advertisers pay him a certain amount for the post or content he creates for them. This 21-year-old boy has sky rocked net worth that is estimated between $1-$2 million. Khaby Lame net worth is amazingly inspired for the people of his age.

Khaby Lame Instagram Channel

Khaby Lame’s Instagram account (@khaby00) have a lot of followers. He has posted his own different popular videos over there. On the Instagram about Khaby Lame, he can find his bio description as a gaming video creator.

Khaby Lame YouTube Channel

Most followed TikToker Khaby Lame also has created his own YouTube channel. His YouTube channel didn’t get many subscribers. He also hasn’t posted his videos yet.

Khaby Lame Twitter Account

Khaby Lame’s Twitter account (@khabyofficial) has almost 240,000 followers. His account is not yet verified with a blue tick.

Final Words

Khaby Lame’s net worth is impressive for the age of his people. TikTok is a platform with endless challenges and trends. Khaby’s ridiculous contribution through the postings has boosted his net worth.

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