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Importance of Canonical Tags in SEO

by Sana Imran

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex process. Along with industrial growth competition in digital marketing increases rapidly. Nowadays we’re living in the era of globalization, therefore, search engine optimization is a crucial requirement for all types of businesses. Today in this article, we will learn about canonical tags and their importance for SEO.

What are Canonical Tags?

Canonical tags we initially introduce to help Google. In 2009, these tags help Google to understand the copy pages. Canonical URL is an exemplification of multiple pages.

“Canonical tag is a way to tell the search engine that URL signifies the mastercopy of a page”.

Why Canonical Tags are Important?

If a search engine finds different URL with the same piece of content, it may create a bundle of problems for website SEO. Finding duplicate content by the crawler means a lack of unique content. It directly harms website rankings. Therefore, canonical tags are important for a website to make things identifiable for the search engine crawler.

Where Canonical Tags are Located on the Website?

Canonical URL helps the search engine in identifying the master URL, therefore, they are placed on the header area of a website. If you’re unable to identify the things, Google will penalize the website.

When Canonical Tags are Needed?

You crucially need canonical tags for your website if:

  • Your homepage can be accessed from different URLs
  • Your website pages can be accessed with or without backslash (/)
  • Your website content is presented in various formats
  • Additional content is available to some external website
  • Your website URL is valid with HTTP or HTTPS format

Canonical Tag Errors

While implementing the Canonical tag, you may encounter some of its errors that are discussed below:

Noindex Nofollow Tag

If you’re trying to combine Noindex and Nofollow tags with canonical tags it is strongly not recommended.

404 Status Code

404 status code confuse Google crawler while seeking for the website changes.

Search engine optimization is a complex process to understand and perform. You can’t waste all of your time reading about the canonical tags because SEO is a vast field. Search engine optimization and its updates gradually change according to the time demand. So, you have to keep an eye on all updates and developments to move ahead.

In this article, we have discussed the importance of canonical tags in SEO. If you want to keep yourself updated, you can bookmark wehof.com or you may also like our Facebook Page to stay connected.

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