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How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post?

by Sana Imran

“Content is a king” phrase couldn’t be neglected at any cost. Writing an SEO friendly blog post means you need to write valuable and well-optimized content. SEO friendly content helps you in bringing organic traffic towards your blog/article. An informative piece of content automatically attracts the audience towards itself. So, before starting you have to make a complete plan and note down the complete checklist to avoid any issue.

SEO Friendly Blog Post Tricks

Here are a few important tricks to enhance your writing skills and publish creative content to your website.

Do Write for the Audience

Most importantly you have to define your targeted audience. You have to decide that for whom you’re writing a blog post. Research and write content that automatically appeals to your target readers because machines are not going to read it. Writing posts about the products isn’t enough, but you have to share information regarding the industry to keep your audience engage.

Make an Impressive Headline

Main heading or blog post title is something like a short place with a great impression. Catchy, creative, and informative title attracts the audience. If your title is unable to attract the right audience they’ll not read it further. So, you have to understand the value of a headline and create the effective one. In addition to a catchy title, you have to write a Meta description accordingly that may elaborate your content.

Keyword Rich Phrases

Keywords are an important part of SEO friendly blog posts. Writing SEO-optimized content? Keywords will play an important role. You have to complete your keyword research and put them into your content. Hold on! Putting the keywords is not something just keyword stuffing but use them naturally.

Well-Structure Blog Post

You’re writing great content, everything is well-researched but un-organized. Ah!! Seems messy, not attractive and the reader will not waste their time on such article. So, you have to write an organized piece of content with headings and highlights to make it attractive.

Incorporate Images

Images make content visually appealing. So, you have to write accordingly. Describe your information with the help of catchy and relevant images. It will grab the attention and drive more traffic to your website. Do not forget to add image Alt tags for its optimization.

Social Sharing

Social media is nowadays a great tool for advertisement. It helps a writer to grab more and more traffic towards the article/blog post. So, do not forget to optimize your content Meta’s according to the social media requirement. Use a Twitter card or open graph for easy content sharing in a well-organized manner. You may also have a social sharing button on your website to make sharing easier.

Internal Linking

On your website, internal linking helps the readers to navigate easily. It also helps the crawler to crawl comfortably. So, on your website do not forget to interlink the pages and posts. It helps to understand the relevancy.

Summing it Up

Done with all the details, now cross-check your content before publishing it. All done and you’re ready to go with an interesting SEO friendly blog post. Publish the blog post/article and get the traffic organically to your website.

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