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How Much Ninja Net Worth in 2021?

by Sana Imran

If you’re thinking, who is Ninja? Don’t worry, you’re not the 1st person who is thinking like this. And you probably not be the last one. People have heard the terms, streamer, Twitch, Fortnite, and Mixer. But still, they’re not aware of Ninja. Here we’ll tell you the details about Ninja, who is he? His worth, his work, and everything about him.


Richard Tyler Belvins or “Ninja” is a famous online streamer and well-known professional game player in the world. He is known for his competitiveness in playing “Halo3”, PUBG, and Fortnite. He is a Twitch streamer in America. Ninja spends hours playing games on the screen. Gaming is not just his source of income but also his passion.

Early Life of Ninja

Tyler Belvins was born in Detroit, the USA on June 5th, 1991. His family shifted from Detroit to Chicago, after the one year of his birth. He was much interested in playing games and enjoy taking part in sports. During his school, he was a soccer player.


Initially, Ninja was a “leisure” player of video games. His journey towards the professional gamer was quite interesting and deserves appreciation. He had turned his hobby into a professional career. Ninja is a lucky as well as a passionate person who got success in the profession that was just his hobby.

Initially, in 2009, Ninja competitively participated in the Halo3 event that helped in Orland. This participation encounters him with the first success of his career. Afterward. In 2011 he has started Twitch streaming. If we talk about 2012, team Ninja was the winner of the Halo 4 MGL fall Championship.

Then gradually in 2017 Belvins started playing Fornite. Next year in 2018, he made a significant record to have a huge audience on Twitch. At that time he was streaming the Fornite with Travis Scott, Darke and, Juju Smith.

These were the years of success for Belvins, he also has hosted a big charitable program in the same year. In August 2019, he left Twitch and started streaming in Mixer. Mixer is owned by Microsoft owned.

Ninja’s Achievements

Ninja is known for his streams on Battle Royale and Fortnite. He was honored with an award to product best content creator in the 2018 game awards.

He had successfully broken all of the streaming records and was known as the most followed Twitch streamer.

Ninja’s Personal Life

Jess Belvins

Richard Tyler Belvins married Jessica. She is not just a wife but also the manager or Ninja. Couple met in 2010 during the “Halo” tournament. Jessica was also a gamer. Their relationship was started in 2013 and they got married in 2017. Couple is living a happy life. After marriage, Ninja announced that he’ll not stream with any female gamer because he does not want to harm his marriage life.

Ninja’s Net Worth

Ninja earns $500,000 to $1 million per month by playing video games and online streaming. He also has signed a partnership with “Red Bull Esports”. According to different researches, Ninja was also known as the richest video game player and streamer in the world.

Final Words

Besides the success story of Ninja, his importance to a family is much appreciated. He is the man who got success by working on his passion. He could be an inspiration for the youngsters. His life story teaches that you have to work hard no matter success or failure occurs. Your consistency will turn your dream into reality.

What do you think will Ninja retain his monetary success in 2022? Share your thoughts.

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