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Business Analyst Salary

by Sana Imran

Whether you’re the one who wants to pursue your career as a business analyst. Or someone holding the position of business analyst and wanted to increase your earnings. Here are different steps that may help you to increase your income.  

What is the Job Description of a Business Analyst?

Business analyst is someone who works with an organization to make improvements in its system and processes. Usually, they evaluate the business problems and come up with the best solution. They’re helpful for the organization to achieve its business goals. So, the job description of a business analyst should be defined properly.

Business Analyst Responsibilities

As said earlier, business analyst has to conduct the research and analyze the profitability approaches for the business. They deeply monitor the business data and complete market research. Finally create a report to managing data accordingly. Usually, the JD of business analysts includes:

  • Detailed Business Analyst
  • Problem Solving
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Detailed Monitoring and Planning
  • Pricing
  • Reporting
  • Defining Requirements and Present to Stack Holders

Business Analyst Qualification

Role of a business analyst is crucial for the organization. Therefore, it is important to hire some qualified and experienced people for this position. While hiring business analysts (BAs), be sure that you’re hiring a person who will give a boost to the overall efficiencies of the business. Business analyst could be a generalist or someone specialist. So, they must poses good communicational and analytical skills. They should have Bachelor’s degree in the same field. Furthermore, different certifications could be helpful to grow your career.

Besides these certifications, internship and work experience matters a lot in your career growth. An internship is one of the best approaches to learn and improve your skills. Usually, companies open internship opportunities for fresh graduates. During these internships, companies assess candidate’s performance and offer them permanent employment.

Skill Set for Business Analyst Position

Have a look at the essential skill that a business analyst should own for getting the right job.

  • Problem Solving Skill
  • Analytical Skill
  • Commercial Awareness
  • Organizational Skill
  • Time Management Skill
  • Management Skill
  • Leadership Skill
  • Project Management Skills
  • Understanding Skills

Business Analyst Salary

Business analyst salary is according to their designation. Here is the pay scale for the category of business analyst. The average salaries are enlisted below:

Job TitleAverage Salary
Business Management Analyst$60,428
Business Performance Analyst$60,678
Junior IT Business Analyst$65,330
Application Business Analyst$66,882
Business Intelligence Analyst$66,791
Agile Business Analyst$74,000
Business Solutions Analyst$75,243
Systems Business Analyst$78,095
Senior IT Business Analyst$90,201

Business Analyst Tools and Software

Normally job of business analyst is dependent on different software. Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel Access, SQL and Google Analytics are the best tools to manage and sort data. You may create graphs, prepare documentation, and design different visualizations through these tools. Remember the tools and business analyst salaries are dependent on the job titles and business requirements.

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